Cardinal Pietro Parolin says getting the abortion-tainted jab is an 'act of love' It is not an act of love towards aborted babies vivisected alive for their organ to create cell lines. Guess he has a different understanding of love

Amid protests against Italy’s vaccine rules, Cardinal Parolin says Church’s message is clear

Verona, Italy, Nov 30, 2021 / 04:00 am Commenting on protests against Italy’s vaccine rules, the Vatican’s Secretary of State said that the Church’s …
If getting vaccinated is "an act of love" why are there no photos or videos of Pope Francis ever getting it? ;-)
Roberto 55
If this covid jab is act of love, then "love" yourself at least twice a day and a booster of "love" before bed mr. Parolin. 😂
The New Knights Templar
A REAL act of love would be for Cardinal Parolin to take his face diaper off and put a trash bag over his head.
Cardinal Parolin ,is it an act of love what the Australian,s government is doing to their citizens ?????????