150. Vigilance

Sometimes we think that we have to do many things and find solutions to be accepted by God. But it’s much simpler. Let’s just ask him to help us find him. Let’s just accept him in our lives by saying, “Yes, Lord, I want it, be my Lord, my guide and my master. I want to follow you.

Teach me how to stay on the road with you. Thank you Lord.”

There, it’s done. Then, we can remember that we told him “yes” to his will on us. Every moment, we want to let him join us. Let’s pray, then watch our life improve and that of others too.

Let’s not worry about what does not seem to work at the beginning of a conversion. To get out of a traffic jam, we wait for the stopped cars to advance again, then we move slowly and stay behind the others, until we can drive more freely, but always with caution.

Vigilance teaches us to return to the foundation of faith in Jesus, especially during a trial. We continue to be careful not to stray from the Lord, even after passing the test.

The new American Bible, 2011-2014
Book: The heart's mission, Normand Thomas