Francis "Lost Memory", Blasphemes God Who "Wants Transsexuals That Way"

"About McCarrick I knew nothing, of course, nothing, nothing," Pope Francis lied into the cameras of Mexican Televisa (May 28).

Earlier this year, modernist Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, 88, was condemned without a trial of unspecified "abuses."

270 days ago, whistle-blower Archbishop Viganò stated that he had informed Francis on June 23, 2013 about McCarrick.

Now, Francis protests that "I don't remember" this meeting and its explosive content, calling Viganò at this point only "the one who said." Francis has a long history of lying in public. He says that he kept silent for so long because "the Lord taught us that way and I follow it."

Confronted with the Zanchetta case, an Argentinean bishop, accused of homosexual abuses, and promoted and protected by Francis, he answered with a torrent of words calling Zanchetta's promotion to the Vatican a “parking” in Italy.

Speaking about transvestites, Francis said that he would tell them “the truth” which he formulates like this: “God wants you that way, settle it with God.”

Francis regretted his August 2016 statement that children with homosexual problems should be sent to a psychiatrist. Twisting his words he claims that he meant that they should be sent to a “professional” to examine whether they indeed have a homosexual tendency.

Picture: © Mazur/, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsBiadyunxgc
This man, son of the father of lies, got tangled in his own lies - the ground burns under his feet. Wretched shyster! And what about the cardinals and bishops who tolerate and even cooperate with him, the destroyer of the Roman Catholic church: What is the father, such are his sons!
And the great-grandfather is the father of lies
Note that Pope Francis explicitly links his silence about Viganò's accusations to Christ's silence: "In moments of viciousness you can't speak, because it's worse...The Lord taught us that way and I follow it."
How would we know a false prophet.