Will Womanizer Be Consecrated Bishop in Lima?

Different bishops try to stop the nomination of Peru Father Ricardo Augusto Rodrìguez Alvarez, a parish-priest, as Lima auxiliary bishop.

According to InfoVaticana.com (June 26) Rodrìguez is alleged to have an affair with a married woman of Colombian origin whose marriage is in troubles.

Lima Archdiocese is headed by the modernist, Archbishop Carlos Castillo, a recent Francis nomination.

It seems that the warnings are not heeded and Rodrìguez will be consecrated on July 6.

In a letter which InfoVaticana.com saw, Rodriguez promises his concubine that he would leave the priesthood a few days before being proposed as the new Lima auxiliary bishop.

Lord save your people. Pray pray pray
With the Latin American Church in such a state, little wonder the common people are turning to demonic entities that parody The Blessed Mother. Men like THIS are their "alternative".
At least not a bugger. Sadly, little to see here, but the usual.
They want to destroy Christendom. They want to destroy what's left of the priesthood.