Brazilian Bishop Gives Freedom To Roman Rite Communities

Formosa Bishop Adair José Guimarães, 61, Brazil, has given freedom to the Roman Rite communities in his diocese, Salvatore Doni from Formosa Diocese, writes on social media.

Guimarães was ordained Bishop of Rubiataba-Mozarlândia in 2008 and promoted to Formosa by Francis in 2019. He is considered one of the better Brazilian bishops. After Traditionis custodies, he didn't write any decree nor did he demand readings in the vernacular.

He attended a November 20 Roman Mass in the Redemptorist monastery Holy Face where he vested two nuns (video below).

In June he attended a Pontifical Mass from the Throne for the closing of the monastery's enclosure (article's picture). This Mass was celebrated by Brazil's military archbishop.


Obviously he hasn't given freedom from ridiculous Covid masks. He's unmasked as his his staff-bearer and the father behind him.
Jan Joseph
Een bisschop met karakter, geweldig.