Becciu’s Dame: Francis Knows More Than He Admits

Francis knew about the €575’000 transfer from the Secretariat of State to Cecilia Marogna’s company, IlMessaggiero.it (October 21) writes.

The company is Logsic Humanitarne Dejavnosti, DOO, based in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

In a December 2018 Whatsapp conversation, evaluated by Vatican police, Cardinal Becciu told Monsignore Alberto Perlasca that the transfer was authorised by Francis.

The money was not intended “to influence the Pell trial” but to free Colombian Sister Gloria Cecilia Navaez, kidnapped in February 2017 in Karangasso, Mali, by Moslems, who still hold her in captivity.

Francis ordered to keep the operation “top secret” so as not to divulge the Vatican's willingness to pay ransoms for the sister.

All this information is contained in the Vatican’s extradition request for Marogna who is incarcerated in Italy. As usual, the Vatican document was illegaly handed over to the media.

Marogna allegedly spent the money for 120 payments in shops like Prada, Tod'S, Hogan, Missoni, La Rinascente, Montblanc, Louis Vuitton, Maxmara, Poltronesofa, Auchan, as well as for luxury hotels and restaurants.

Picture: © Mazur, CatholicNews.org.uk, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsWofugcaucy

Dr Bobus
That information is hardly a surprise because he made no move on Becciu until the night before the media released the story
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