My gut tells me this was arson (the neighborhood fire, not just the church). Some of those devastating California fires were started by arsonists. What motivates these people? I believe some are motivated by misplaced politics, and others by mentally unstable individuals.

"Had you only heeded."
Angelo Santelli
Cassandra Laments
Beautiful - thank you!
Interestingly, the soot has only served to emphasie Our Lady's features and details similar to an "ink wash" on a model.
Chad jeremy roberts
I believe it is a symbol from god to us, that even in the worse times we must hold stedfast, stand our ground and family matters, and she holds lords family strongly.
Ursula Sankt
The only bridge to Heaven.
I'm not quite sure I get your point. Are you implying that the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mediatrix of All Graces, should be ignored, as we traverse the narrow, difficult path to the Beatific Vision?

If so, that doesn't sound very wise.
3rd Order Postulant
Nice. But she was probably made of cement? At least she wasn't broken in half.
Ave Crux
With all those fallen bricks and other debris collapsing all around Our Lady's statue, it's a miracle the statue wasn't crushed.

There's also articles which explain that even cement cracks and spalls under intense temperatures. So it really is remarkable.