Who is this man (Xicão Xukuru) featured by Francis' Vatican

Xicão Xukuru on the image is a figure standing for “inculturated Christianity” meaning the merging of Christianity with pagan rituals.

Xicão Xukuru became the chief of his tribe in 1985. His real name is Francis of Assisi Araujo. In video interviews he said he worked to bring back the ancient rituals that were suppressed by the white man. He calls the worship of the earth, water, forest and rocks a "sacred mysticism."

Speaking of the potential for being assassinated, he says, "If that is my fate given by Mother Nature and God, then I'm ready."

He was assassinated in May 1998.

While he was buried in a coffin bearing a crucifix, for the burial there was also the Mother Earth ritual. Someone said: "Receive your son, my Mother Nature. He won't be buried, He will be planted so that from him new warriors will be born, my Mother Nature. He will be planted, my Mother Nature, the way he wanted, under your shadow, my Mother Nature. To give life to new warriors, my Mother Nature. So that our fight won't stop, my Mother Nature."

Here is a video