Vatican Attacks Latin Mass In Letter To all Bishops

Archbishop Arthur Roche, the anti-Catholic Secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship, who has been sidelining now retired Cardinal Sarah, has launched an attack on the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM). (February 21) published the English translation of a February 19, 2020 essay written by Roche which was forwarded to all bishops.

The essay makes the unlikely claim that the New Mass is an "authentic development" of the Roman Rite, and calls its implementation an "ecclesiastical duty" - although nobody follows the Novus Ordo which is only used as an excuse for empty liturgical experiments.

Roche tells the joke that the Novus Ordo contains “more sacrificial vocabulary than was the case in the 1570 Missal” while the TLM needed to be stripped of alleged "repetitions" and "accretions.”

He believes that the introduction of the Novus Ordo was necessary due to the reception of the "theological content" of Vatican II which was aware of "a world that had changed.” However, Vatican II was only a pastoral council, and the "world that had changed" had little use for the Novus Ordo.

Roche criticises a solely "clerical vision" of the liturgy, in which the "clergy alone" are active and the faithful "passive" and where the “priest alone" celebrates. This reflects nicely the Novus Ordo reality, e.g. funerals and weddings, were the priest talks to himself because the audience doesn't even know the most basic liturgical replies.

Picture: Arthur Roche, © wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsPowyeshazj

Shameful that an Archbishop writes in words that betray his loss of faith.
Louis IX
What is it about the Mass of the Ages these modernists fear?
It's Catholic that's what..
Fr Dan
Well, we knew this was coming.
But the faithful aren't "passive". The Arch-Bishop betrays his ignorance. The faithful are busy praying, which is silent participation.
Deacon Waugh
10 Bucks says he's gay.
Our church has a list of 20 jobs the faithful are expected to complete. 6 of those jobs are liturgical functions and most parishioners volunteer for these roles that the priest alone should fulfil. Whilst all the cleaning jobs rightfully suited to the faithful are mostly vacant.
atreverse pensar
Your Novus Ordo is more protestant than catholic.