Today: Feast of Saint Corona – Two Crowns Fell from Heaven

This is what the Roman Martyrology says on May 14 about Saint Corona who has become famous because of the coronavirus:

“In Syria, the holy martyrs Victor and Corona, under emperor Antoninus (reign: 138-161).

Victor was subjected to various horrible torments by the judge Sebastian.

As Corona, the wife of a certain soldier, was proclaiming him happy for his fortitude in his sufferings, she saw two crowns falling from Heaven, one for Victor, the other for herself.

She related this to all present, and was torn to pieces between two trees. Victor was beheaded.”

Antoninus Pius (+161) succeeded Hadrian, and was succeeded by Marcus Aurelius.


Another pic of her
You're forgetting one, @Roberto 55 :D
Roberto 55
You are right, I forgot. I just bought 24 bottles. It was on sale, "only" 44,99CDN $
Roberto 55
There are two Coronas: st. Corona and new corona (virus) aka Covid-19 which has ambition to become st.covid, cause majority of humankind worship it...
Lisi Sterndorfer
Yesterday (May 13) - one thousand four hundred twelve years ago - the Pantheon became a church. On May 13th, 609, the Pantheon became Our Lady and the Martyrs / Santa Maria ad Martyrs.