Luciferic plan to destroy the Holy Church (from Poslish to English by google translate)

Luciferic plan to destroy the Holy Church:

1. Remove Saint Michael, Protector of the Catholic Church from all prayers said during Mass and outside Mass - forever. Remove all his figures. Say it's on Christ's order.

2. To endure penitential practices during Advent, such as not eating meat on Fridays or fasting. Exclude any act of self-abuse. Replace it with acts of joy, happiness and love of neighbor. To claim that Christ has already won and that heaven is for us. And that, therefore, human efforts are useless.

3. Engage Protestant pastors for the deformation and desacralization of Mass. Provoke doubts that the Eucharist is closer to the Protestant faith and that it is only bread and a symbol.

4. Remove all Latin from the liturgy of the Holy Mass, prayers and songs. It brings a sense of secrecy and respect. Show it as fortune teller spells. People will soon stop thinking that priests have a special divine wisdom that surpasses all others.

5. Encourage women to take off their headgear in church, the hair is sensual. And let them demand the right to be priests and deacons. Base it on the church constitution. Initiate a women's liberation movement.

6. Abstain from receiving Holy Communion on your knees. Command nuns not to allow children to keep their hands folded before and after Holy Communion. Tell them that God loves them as they are and wants to see them completely relaxed.

7. Eliminate church organ music and replace it with guitars, lutes, drums and stamping. This will prevent any personal prayers or conversations with Jesus. Do not give Jesus time to call children to religious vocations.

8. Profan the hymns to the Mother of God and Saint Joseph. To say they are too idolatrous. Replace them with Protestant songs. This will introduce the suggestion that the Catholic Church recognizes that Protestantism is a true religion or at least equivalent to the religion of the Catholic Church.

9. Change even all hymns to Jesus. They remind people of their sweet childhood, which in turn reminds them of the peace that is gained through mortification and penance before God. Introduce new songs to convince people that previous rites were wrong. Make sure that there is at least one song in each Mass that does not mention the name of Jesus, but only love for people. Young people will be enthusiasts of love of neighbor.

10. Remove all the relics of the Saints from the altars, and then replace them with pagan altars, which will be used to make living sacrifices in Satanic masses. Cancel church law, which says that Mass in the church can be celebrated only on the altar containing the relics of the Saints.

11. Suspend the practice of celebrating Mass before the Eucharist in the Tabernacle. Do not allow any tabernacles on tables used to celebrate Mass. The altar should look like a dining room table. Make it portable to suggest that it is not Holy, but that it can perform various tasks, such as a conference table or a card game table. Behind him put at least one chair. And let the priest sit on him after Communion to mark his rest after eating. Never allow priests to kneel during Mass, as well as people while giving Communion.

12. Remove Saints from the Church Calendar, a few at a time. Prohibit priests from speaking about saints unless they are mentioned in the Gospel. To say that there may be Protestants in the temple who might not like it.

13. When reading the Gospel, leave the word "Holy." For example, in the Gospel of Saint John simply say the Gospel of John. This will cause the liquidation of their worship by people. Rewrite the Bible until it becomes identical to the Protestant.

14. Delete and destroy all personal service books. This will put an end to saying the litany to the Heart of Jesus, Blessed Mother, Saint Joseph and make preparation for Holy Communion difficult.

15. Remove all figures and paintings of Angels. Why have images of our enemies around? Call it the legend of bad times.

16. Eliminate the Order of Minor Exorcists casting out the devil. Work particularly hard on this. Strengthen the belief that there is no real devil. To convince you that this is an evangelical way of showing evil and that there cannot be a good story without villain. As a result, people will stop believing in hell and will not be afraid to go there.

17. To teach that Jesus was only human, that he had brothers and sisters and hated existing institutions. Say he liked to be around
in the company of prostitutes, especially Maria Magdalena. To tell that he was not in the Churches and Synagogues.

18. Remember that you can cause a nun to abandon the law by appealing to her vanity, grace and beauty. You will drop the habit, which will automatically lead to rejection of the rosary prayer. Show the world that there are differences in the view of their order and that their calling will dry up.

19. Burn all catechisms. Tell teachers to teach love for people instead of love for God. Say maturity to love openly. Make sex a universal expression of love in religion classes. Make sex a new religion.

20. Close all Catholic schools by reducing the number of vocations. To proclaim that nuns are underpaid social workers and that the Church is rich in them.

21. Destroy the Pope by destroying his University Empire. Separate Universities from the Pope by proclaiming that the government (state) will willingly allocate funds to them. Also change the names of religious institutions to secular ones, such as Immaculate Conception School for Compton High School (Compton High School of Immaculate Conception). Call them ecumenical (i.e. multi-confessional).

22. Attack the Pope's authority by imposing age restrictions on this service. Gradually reduce the age limit. Say it's out of concern that he won't be overworked.

23. Be bold. Weaken the Pope by establishing a Synod of Bishops. The Pope will then be a figurehead, like the English Queen, thanks to the House of Lords and Parliament. The church will then receive orders from the Synod of Bishops. Then weaken the episcopal authority by establishing a synod equivalent at priest level. To say that this is a form of recognition for the priests they have long deserved. Then weaken priests' power by creating secular groups to direct priests. It will be wonderful to develop hatred so that even cardinals will abandon the church. To proclaim that the Church is now democratic.

24. Reduce priestly vocations by losing respect of the laity to the priesthood. Praise the expelled priests who abandoned everything for the love of a woman. Call them heroes. Honor sacred priests as true martyrs who were so persecuted that they could not stand it any longer.

25. Start closing churches because of the lack of priests. Call it economy and good business practice. To say that God hears prayers everywhere, and so churches are extravagance or luxury.

26. Use secular commissions and poor faith priests to condemn and disapprove of any visions of the Blessed Mother or any alleged miracles, especially Saint Michael the Archangel. You can be sure that none of these things will ever be approved after the Second Vatican Council. Then call it disobedience (rebellion) against authority, if anyone will follow these revelations or spread them, or even think about them.

27. Introduce the right to dissolve the Curia every time a new Pope comes. This will definitely cause that the Curia will have many radicals and modernists.

28. Select Antipope. It is said that he will bring Protestants back to the Church and maybe even Jews. Antipope can be elected by granting election to bishops. There will be so many newly appointed Popes that Antipope will act as a compromise Pope.

29. Eliminate confession before the First Holy Communion for the second and third grade, so that children will not be disturbed by the lack of confession before Communion when they go to the upper classes. Confession will then disappear.

30. Allow women and lay people to give Communion. Arguing that we now have lay time. Begin to give Communion on hand, like on Protestants, instead of on the tongue, saying that this is what Christ himself did. Collect wafers for satanic masses. Then swap the individual host reception by placing a dish with wafers that will be collected when leaving the church. Say that they will bring God's gifts in everyday life. Install automatic communion machines, calling them a tabernacle.

31. After Antipope had mastered, dissolve the synod of bishops, priest associations, secular groups of advisers. Prohibit any church person from engaging in politics. Say that God loves humility and hates those seeking glory.

32. Give the supreme authority to the Pope to choose his successor. Order the threat of excommunication to accept the mark of the beast to all truly loving God.

33. To declare that all dogmas to date have been false, except to the dogma of infallibility. To declare that Jesus Christ was a revolutionary who did not establish dogmas. Say that the true Christ will come soon.

34. Order all subordinate Popes to fight in the Holy Crusade to spread one world religion. Satan knows where all the lost gold is. Absolutely conquer the whole world. It will give humanity what it has always longed for: THE GOLDEN AGE OF PEACE.

Source: O. P. Bonifacius Gunther, Szatan istnieje naprawdę