Enough Is Enough: Spanish Cardinal Defies Government

Barcelona Cardinal Juan José Omella, Spain, defied the Catalonia regional government and celebrated a July 26 Requiem Mass for alleged Coronavirus victims in the huge Sagrada Familia basilica in the presence of 500 people.

Spain still imposes a ten-person (!) cap for religious services. Omella expected the restriction to be lifted on Friday but the decision was delayed. Because the invitations for the Mass were already sent, he refused to cancel the Mass.

Omella announced legal action against the State. For him it is not justifiable that up to 1,000 tourists are allowed to be in the basilica, yet only ten faithful may attend Mass. The building can hold 9000 people.

Quim Torra, the president of the Catalonian government ordered his Health Ministry to investigate the Mass randomly accusing Omella of what he himself did: having “forgotten the Constitution and human rights.”


Alex A
I'm a fan of Archbishop Fulton Sheen, however, my experience over many long years suggests the opposite is true in my adoptive country of Australia. Perhaps it's a culture thing.
F M Shyanguya
@Alex A How?
Florida again: People over 85 (not 75, 85) make up 1 in 3 of #COVID deaths statewide - 5x as many deaths as everyone under 55. Put another way: if you are over 85, you have a 1 in 300 chance of dying of #COVID in Florida in the last five months. Under 55? 1 in 33,000.
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