Apocalyptic Sign in Rome?

Hundreds of dead birds fell from the sky like some sort of apocalyptic rain, terrified Roman citizens noticed on New Year's Eve.

According to mainly starlings were found dead in several parts of the city, including at Termini Station, Via Nazionale, and Via dei Fori Imperiali.

According to the Italian League for Bird Protection, the event may have been caused by the loud fireworks that frightened the birds.

Starlings form a large flock to spend the night on a tree. When they heard the fireworks exploding, they may have taken off in a panic, bumping into each other, trees, and wires, resulting in horrific deaths.


Louis IX
Idiots with fireworks. Many of the birds were probably just stunned and recovered, (I hope, poor things.)
It seems this would be an annual problem?
Jeffrey Ade
DEW or EMR harm I'll warrent!