Covid Allegedly Killed 5% of the Priests

Since April 4, Puebla Archdiocese, Central Mexico, lost 21 diocesan and 9 religious priests. They were between 36 and 90 years old. The archdiocese …
Alex A
Death of elderly priests rates no different to elderly in the wider community. Throwing in the death of a much younger priest is highly suspect.
Louis IX
Throwing the 36 year old death in there without details is highly deceptive.
Back to the past
Seems to be the thing now: mostly or all maskless at the TLM's. Mostly or all wearing masks at the NO.
Traditional Catholics, Lay and Clerics, have practice questioning official narratives. If your willing to question an Ecumenical Council which broke with historical dogmatic precedent it is not hard to question Dr. Fauci and supposed experts who broke with historical medical precedent.