A Miracle? Dour Cardinal Turns into Jolly Pope

The book “The Dictator Pope” by Marcantonio Colonna speaks about a “miraculous change that has taken over” Cardinal Bergoglio since he was elected pope.

The dour, unsmiling Buenos Aires archbishop turned overnight into the smiling, jolly Pope Francis, the idol of the people with whom he so fully identifies.

But onepeterfive.com knows another side of Francis, “If you speak to anyone working in the Vatican, they will tell you about the miracle in reverse. When the publicity cameras are off him, Pope Francis turns into a different figure: arrogant, dismissive of people, prodigal of bad language and notorious for furious outbursts of temper which are known to everyone from the cardinals to the chauffeurs.”

Picture: © Marko Vombergar, Aleteia, CC BY, #newsLlxxjajqbm
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Bergoglio is a deceiver, impostor, swindler, traitor
You mean he deceives????????