Francis’ Shaman: “God’s Prophets from Abraham to Baha’ullah Are Incredibly Beautiful”

After Francis’ started his climate change proselytism, the Greenland shaman Angaangaq Lyberth addressed him in a September 2017 video (below).

He wails, breathes deeply and says, “I want to send you a greeting, Holiness, Pope of this world.”

Lyberth invites Francis to come to Greenland to bless a water source, visible in the video, without which allegedly, “nobody on earth can live.”

He tells Francis that the “old shamans” whom he calls the “precursors of modern-day religion” have known before anybody that “climate change” will come.

Unsurprisingly, the Vatican hastend to jump on this bandwagon. Lyberth was invited for the Vatican’s July 2018 Conference “Saving our Common Home and the Future of Life on Earth.” Francis greeted him personally.

In September 2019, Lyberth explained to that in order to become a shaman he climbed a mountain and spoke over 25 hours aloud to the air (Sila) which he calls “one of the names of God, the creator.”

The most important task of a shaman is to bring back the ceremonies, Lyberth says, “In Europe we have lost most of our ceremonies.” According to his grandmother “life is a ceremony in itself.”

He stresses at the “prophets of God from Abraham to Baha’ullah [the founder of the Baha’i sect] are so incredibly beautiful.”

Greenland is for him the oldest land on earth and the only one where there has never been war, “So the energy is really different.”


A man will tell me that in keeping Christmas I am not keeping a Christian feast, but a pagan feast. This is exactly as if he told me that I was not feeling furiously angry, but only a little sad. I know how I am feeling all right, and why I am feeling it.
@G.K.Chesterton Solid evidence to support 25th December as truly being the Nativity of Christ - and it having been turned into a Pagan Festival later....…/yes-christ-was-…

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Superficiality characterises the utterly false Bergolian papacy.
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