Gesù è con noi
What has been said Bergoglio does not have zeal for the salvation of souls, so he does not attack mortal sin, on the contrary, he promotes it, he refuses to teach Catholic doctrine and replaces it with his Marxist leftist discourse. Bergoglio does not act as Pope but as a leftist politician who is at a lower level than Evo Morales or Maduro.
Pope Francis is incorrect. Coronavirus originated in communist China and their economy is booming. This is why they're called Leftists... because they're never right. :D
We know something is wrong when the President of the United States evangelizes more than the Pope

God Bless Donald Trump.

Very good point.
Arthur McGowan
Bergoglio is a Satanist and sodomite, and has installed a gaggle of Satanist sodomites in the Vatican.