20 000 mladých pútnikov v Chartres! Františkova Traditionis Custodes nemôže zastaviť budúcnosť

Takmer 20 000 pútnikov sa zúčastnilo na svätej omši na Zelený štvrtok počas legendárnej púte rímskeho obradu z Paríža do Chartres.

Ide o rekordný počet. Púť sa koná už po 42. raz. Napriek Františkovej "Traditionis Custodes" alebo práve vďaka nej priťahuje masy mladých katolíkov s priemerným vekom okolo 21 rokov.

Francúzske úrady púť podporujú, a to aj prostredníctvom jazdnej polície. Francúzsky televízny kanál C-News odvysielal niekoľko reportáží o pútnikoch vrátane priameho prenosu omše.

Notre-Dame de Chrétienté, organizátor, píše, že tieto prenosy sa dostali k státisícom Francúzov. Biskup Nanterre, Mgr. Matthieu Rougé, privítal pútnikov a sprevádzal ich pri prechode cez svoju diecézu.

Kardinál Müller bude zajtra sláviť záverečnú svätú omšu púte v katedrále v Chartres. Nižšie sú uvedené fotografie a videá z tohtoročnej púte, ktoré zverejnil Notre-Dame de Chrétienté.

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Trident udrží katolickou pravou liturgii i víru...
Pritahuje, lebo nie je desakralizovana a je v nej to, co ma byt:
Posvatno, Tajomno, Dostojnost a krasa.
Zial, z bugniniho novej omse to odstranili.
V case papeza Benedikta iranci na byvalej nunciature dokumenty od Bugniniho, v jednom Bugnini píse, ze nova omsa nebude stacit na upadok cirkvi, ale treba zaviest na omsiach spatnu hudbu a gitary:
The Secret Files of Bugnini: Iran Accuses the Jews | …More
Pritahuje, lebo nie je desakralizovana a je v nej to, co ma byt:
Posvatno, Tajomno, Dostojnost a krasa.

Zial, z bugniniho novej omse to odstranili.

V case papeza Benedikta iranci na byvalej nunciature dokumenty od Bugniniho, v jednom Bugnini píse, ze nova omsa nebude stacit na upadok cirkvi, ale treba zaviest na omsiach spatnu hudbu a gitary:

The Secret Files of Bugnini: Iran Accuses the Jews | The Smirking Chimp

The Secret Files of Bugnini: Iran Accuses the Jews


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Middle East
by ppfuchs | November 30, 2009 - 6:00pm

"A little sincerity is a dangerous thing, and a great deal of it is absolutely fatal."
--Oscar Wilde
On the heels of an incendiary November 28th article in the New York Times, the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran has released a cache of previously unknown documents owned by Archbishop Bugnini through its permanent representative to the United Nations. The previously unknown private diaries and papers of Archbishop Bugnini a former Papal Nuncio to Iran have already caused serious discussion of an international crisis. The Iranian Government is claiming that the documents clearly show, "a secret plan to destroy traditional religion by the Jews of the world. These papers show that Archbishop Bugnini conspired with Jews to first destroy the Catholic Church and then to plan attack on other faiths that are not in Judaism."
Veteran Iran watchers have dismissed these statements mostly because they were issued with the help of the Institute for Non-Holocaust Truth in Teheran. The papers were reportedly discovered by a member of the Institute in the library of a famous rug merchant in Teheran who was said to have purchased them while acquiring several rare carpets from the former Nuncio.
The documents have yet to be be independently verified, but if verifiable may serve as a lightning-rod for historical debate. Most potentially controversial is the a document entitled, "Plan for Destroying the Catholic Church with New Liturgy." As reported, the documents makes the following points:
1.) Bugnini in writing to an alleged co-conspirator suggests that vernacular liturgy will not be enough to destroy the Church. "Very bad music is needed." Apparently responding to a suggestion from his fellow conspirator Bugnini expresses doubt that the church will actually accept the an instrument like a guitar in liturgies. The conspirator says that if this could be accomplished that would rot the Church from the inside.
2.) Bugnini suggests seeking out Jesuits as co-conspirators who could write "church-destroying" music and suggests the American city of St. Louis as a possible place to find conspirators.
3.) Bugnini reveals extensive psychological investigation which he details showing that vernacular liturgy will "remove barriers" which will cause members of the clergy to molest little children. Bugnini mentions specifically the coded word "Kumbaya" which will causes undeniable sexual urges.
When the Iranian Representative to the U.N. was asked how the Jews are connected with this he responded: "They are always involved." The Israeli Representative declined comment, only adding "We will not dignify this with respsonse."
But veteran Vatican watchers have expressed surprise that the Holy See has seemed eager to enter this discussion. The Pope himself first commented briefly at his weekly audience: "We must be very selective of those who serve as holy priests in the Church. The great history of the Church's liturgy is a living wall that keeps out many sins. Those who have sought to tear down that wall have brought great harm on the Church." The Pope's somewhat unclear remarks were later interpreted by Papal Liaison Monsignor Geraldo Cadieres: "The Islamic Republic of Iran has done a great service to the Holy See by releasing these documents. it was always clear that the great suffering caused to the Church with the sexual abuse crisis did not come from within the Church but from some complot outside it. Now we are in possession of the proof." When asked if the Church was now gearing up to deny the severity of the crisis, Cadieres responded by quoting a young seminarian currently enrolled in a seminary he once attended, St, John Vianney College Seminary in Miami. Citing a recent Miami Herald story Cadieres quoted the young seminarian:
"Three years ago, the pastor of Garcia's Hialeah church was accused of sexually abusing young boys and resigned. The allegations shocked Garcia and his community.
``Maybe I don't want to be like him,'' he remembers thinking. He was a senior in high school. College applications were around the corner. That fall, he enrolled at St. Thomas University with vague plans to study business. He made it one year before transferring.
Many seminarians say the church troubles actually helped them decide to become priests.
There is ``a feeling, a tug in my heart to want to be able to be part of a healing process,'' Garcia says. ``People rise up to really defend something that they love.''
When press reporoters expressed disbelief that Cadieres was endorsing the view of this seminarian that the sexual abuse crisis "actually helped them decide to become priests, " he quickly gave the following riposte: "Now that we know it was a plot we are encouraging everyone, including seminarians in training, to have a positive attitude."
Cadieres' comments have caused some outrage from Jerusalem to New York. The Israeli Ambassador to the United States made a rare comment: "It is much to be regretted that the Vatican has given any credence to these uninvestigated documents. Though they have not mentioned the charge against the Jewish people, it is implied by the fact that they have addressed them at all."
Meanwhile Catholic sources around the country have weighed in. Percy Gaveston
MacFarquar of the website The New Liturgical Movement which is dedicated to reviving the Latin liturgy had this to say: "Those of us who struggle to lead chaste and holy lives know that the mystery of Latin helps take your mind off sin." A priest with the Society of St. Peter, a confraternity of traditional Catholics, Father Fromageot said the following: "The release of these documents is a true blessing. It shows what so many of us have long suspected. When I heard about it I was so grateful that I called my mother up, who is a pianist, and asked her to play Balakirev's Islamey for me over the phone!"
Finally the self-described liberal Catholic blogger Michael Sean Winters was interviewed at Thai Tanic restaurant across from a DC landmark on 14th Street. Between the Pad Thai and Papaya Salad he offered the following commentary: "The Church has great wisdom. It was always clear that asking people who struggle with difficult sexual proclivities to remain celibate was not unreasonable. It was the great reason of the Church, which many begin to only understand when they have reached middle age. The traditional liturgy which many of us did not grow up on unfortunately was clearly denied to us by those who wanted to keep us from understanding the greater beauty of plainchant over anal sex. We are very grateful to the Iranian Government for exposing this cynical plot to destroy the Church."
Gloria Patris et Filius et Spiritus amen!
Roberto 55
nádhera, krása, Nech je oslávený Boh!