Video Controversy: Dean Resigns

Monsignore Juan Miguel Ferrer, the dean of Toledo Cathedral, resigned on October 13 after he allowed the shooting of a sexually explicit video in the Cathedral.

Ferrer initially justified the clip by stating that it contained "the story of a conversion through human love”. He acknowledged a "provocative visual language” calling this “typical of the culture of our time.”

Toledo Archbishop Francisco Cerro Chaves received Ferrer on October 7 in a “cordial meeting” in which the latter asked for “institutional forgiveness” and requested to be relieved as head of the Cathedral. At least the cathedral received some money for the production of the scandalous video: 15,000 euros.

Caution: Screenshots from the clip below.


Jeffrey Ade
I agree! Showing pictures where those engaged in activities are actually committing mortal sin is objectively a mortal sin in itself!
That guy's haircut is mortal sin. Especially since someone deliberately did that to him. It isn't some DIY Lockdown Cut.
Sedevakantistický kanál
You are showing too much. It is a sin!