Melbourne Archbishop Pours Shame Upon His Own Head

After Cardinal Pell's exoneration (pictured), Melbourne Archbishop Peter Comensoli, published an incredibly miserable letter.

Pell resides currently in the Melbourne Carmelite monastery.

Comensoli whines that the trial's last years have been painful for those “personally involved” in the case, however, “most particularly,“ he mentions those whose "wounds of abuse" have been re-opened, not the sufferings of the innocent Cardinal.

He goes on acknowledging “first” Pell's criminal accuser for bringing forward his [fabricated] story. Only then, he mentions Pell's wrongful conviction and imprisonment.

At the end of one of Australia's most shameful miscarriages of justice, a miserable Comensoli resumes, “Some will be comforted; others will remain distressed.”


Fr Dan
Soon every bishop, priest, religious and lay person will stand before the ultimate judge.
And even the Melbourne Archbishop seems to have wanted to throw you to the lions!
Our Lady Queen of Heaven and Earth, pray for us!
Seems like a form letter, the sort for a failure of +Pell's appeal, which thus cut off old man appears to have hoped or expected.