Start laughing.

New Covid variant dubbed 'Stealth Omicron' is spreading in UK

Early analysis implies this new variant has a faster growth rate than the Omicron strain currently dominant in the UK, BA.1. Cases of the Omicron …
"Stealth Omnicron"... They did this one already: Asymptomatic Covid, Defined by the CDC as “when a person is infected with a virus and will never feel any symptoms at all." -because that's how illness works. People are sick even when they're healthy. :P
Hound of Heaven
When did the armaments' folks start naming viral variants (or is that a 'tell' signaling earlier involvement in the development of the hideous 'gain of function' virus research )?
Roberto 55
I found a new variants :BBB - Better Business Bureau, LGB -Lets go Brandon and TGL - Trudeau get lost...
Rand Miller
As long as it works, fear mongering will continue to be used.
Live Mike
Caution... the little known "Double Secret" Sigma Variant is on deck 😂
"Waiting for the Omega variant." @John A Cassani They had that one back in the late 90s. pic related.
Les Crispi
Remember, the Israelis gave us "flurona" a combination of the flu and Covid. Which is impossible.
There's bound to be a new scariant in the UK as England lifts almost all Covid restrictions tomorrow. Quick! Impose new lockdown! Cower in your homes! Unfortunately for the evil clowns who govern us, too many people are waking up to the lies and corruption of the scamdemic.
John A Cassani
Waiting for the Omega variant.
Louis IX
So stupid.
Les Crispi