One Of Francis Neo-Cardinals Already Out

Retired Bishop Ghent Luc Van Looy, 80, has been cancelled from the list of neo-cardinals, the Belgian bishops announced.

Van Looy is a personal friend of Francis. But he showed a “lack of energy” in fighting sexual abuses, the only thing the Francis Church is afraid off.

It was the group Mensenrechten in de Kerk which managed to get rid of Van Looy accusing him of “turning a blind eye” to certain abuses and of “covering up” the perpetrators.

Being a spineless bishop, Van Looy quickly asked Francis not to make him a Cardinal.

During Van Looy’s time in office, the number of priests in the diocese dropped from 610 to 301 but that would not have stopped him from becoming a cardinal.


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Mgr Van Looy belongs to the most progressive part of the Church. He was a big enemy of tradition, especially the TLM.