Celebration of Decadence in French Presidential Palace

Emmanuel Macron, a former socialist, his wife/grandmother Brigitte and 1500 spectators were present on June 21 at the first “Festival of Music” organised in the courtyard of the Élysée Palace, the official residence of the French president.

Five disk jockeys, surrounded by dancers, presented electro music, among them a certain Kiddy Smile (Pierre Hache) who wore a shirt with the label, “Son of immigrants, black and a faggot.” Hache was surrounded by male dancers dressed in women’s clothes.

One of the songs he presented had the following text in English, “Tonight, let’s burn this house down. Let’s burn it to the ground” – which some saw as a reference to the Élysée Palace.

Another disk jockey presented a song whose lyrics contained the following statements: “my d*ck s*cked, my b*m licked”. Or: “I have six chicks and have six bottles of champagne and weed every day.”

Macron’s election in April 2017 was orchestrated by the Western oligarchs.

Wake up monarchy detesting France

. For a country who butchered their Monarchy for alleged impiety - the behaviour of your substitute rulers is far worse.
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