Christmas Miracle: A Car Accident and a Parking Lot Rosary

Gabe Davey (pictured) was involved in a serious December 30 car accident in Florida. He was trapped under water and unresponsive but rescued by first responders and rushed to the hospital where he experienced multiple cardiac arrests and was put on a ventilator.

A day later, his family organised a rosary prayer vigil at a parking lot. On New Year’s Eve, Davey started talking and recognising people, and on January 3, he walked out of the hospital and had dinner with his family.

His father told that the medical staff and "everybody we’ve talked with" consider this a "Christmas miracle.”


"his family organised a rosary prayer vigil at a parking lot" Probably because the hospital wouldn't allow his family to visit him. I despise hospital fascists. It's a testament to either humanity's cowardice or its sophistication that more of them aren't getting stabbed by irate relatives.
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