Number of Bishops Voting for Protestant Communion Scandalously High - Cardinal Brandmüller

The German bishops’ proposal to distribute Holy Communion to Protestants is a “trick” and “intellectually dishonest”, according to Cardinal Walter Brandmüller, 89.

Talking to ncregister (April 4), Brandmüller underlined that truth and action cannot be separated.

He calls it “a real scandal” that so few German bishops voted against the proposal.

According to ncregister it was just 13 of Germany's 67 bishops, an evident sign of how deep the German Church has fallen into heresy.

Brandmüller knows that distribution of Communion to Protestants “happens often” in Germany, “This is a sign of a loss of faith in the sacrament.”

Picture: Walter Brandmüller, © Manfred Ferrari, #newsOcbacddjrd
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