Swiss Diocese Endorses Gay "Blessings", Supports Gay Pseudo Marriages

Hansruedi Huber, a spokesman for Basel Diocese, Switzerland, admitted to (August 30) that his diocese welcomes a Swiss draft law that considers homosexual fornication to be the same as a matrimony [and donkeys the same as horses].

Huber also endorsed "blessing" ceremonies for persons who practice homosexual fornication.

Pro-Gay Basel Bishop Felix Gmür - who makes 170'000 Swiss Francs/Dollars a year - said in April that the Church should find “meaningful interpretations” for practicing homosexuals.

Picture: Felix Gmür, #newsEypkkppevk

Seems the failure of Germany's Church has spread to their "cousins". --and as Dr Bobus correctly points out, the clergy is simply not being replaced which will give Francis and his supporters all the more excuse to push for husbands and women to become priests.
If one does the math, in 2030 Bologna will have 30 priests. Right now there are 450.
Dr Bobus
More of the post Vat II pastoral genius that has emptied seminaries and religious houses. The New Pentecost produced has produced wonders in Basel--there are now less than half the diocesan priests there were in 1980.

Beam me up, Scotty. There's no intelligent life down here.