Elon Musk Catholic Memes

Fernanda Dellucci
(Homosexual) Peter Thiel and other conservative/libertarian investors announce plans to buy Disney after kerfuffle over Florida Parental Rights in Education law. “This woke sh*t has gone way too far,” he told reporters. “If Elon can buy Twitter, then dammit, we can buy Disney.”
“All the way to heaven IS heaven because Jesus said, “I am the way.” -St. Catherine of Siena
Doug Haut
LOL, Canon 212 as well as Mundabor blog thinks it's a real tweet.
There was one going around saying he was going to buy McDonald's and fix all of the ice cream machines, which he reposted saying, "I'm not a miracle-worker". lol
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I thought you'd enjoy this, Father 😇
Is this for real? The meme only..🙄😄. Photoshop?
porta folio manager
Better buy "the sede" !!! and restore it! jhahahahaha
Doug Haut
HAHA!! The Mundabor blog site thought it was real!
Elon, Mars, Vatican II
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He could buy the USCCB for thirty pieces of silver . . .