Italian Bishops Angry at Francis

Francis’ absence at the February meeting in Florence has badly upset the Italian bishops, but Francis doesn’t understand this, Specola (June 5) writes.

Francis was avoiding the former Italian Minister of the Interior, Marco Minniti, whom he called a “war criminal.” Florence Cardinal Betori tried to explain to Francis that he was misinformed as there were two conferences, the meeting of the bishops and the meeting of the mayors where Minniti appeared.

Francis replied angrily, "No, no, you can go on saying whatever you want, I was told that these gentlemen were there.” Betori tried again but was cut off short: "No, no, I saw it.” Francis never showed much appreciation for the Italian bishops.

In one of his Corriere.it interviews he said about them that “I have often encountered a pre-conciliar mentality that masqueraded as conciliar.”

The frosty atmosphere continued when the bishops met for their Assembly at the Hilton Rome Airport (May 23-27). Francis refused to enter the Hilton, so all bishops had to be transferred to the Vatican.

The changing of the process for causes of nullity also upset the bishops. When confronted with difficulties, Francis replied, "Do you have a pen on your desk? The bishop can exercise his power without too many scruples in matters of law.”

Specola notices that Francis’ disregard for the law should frighten any member of the faithful.

Picture: Vatican Media, #newsKnplwrvocb