I wonder why will he be there. He does not represent Catholics nor speak to Catholics
Catholics will be honoring The Seven Sorrows of Mary.
Novella Nurney
How prophetically appropriate.
Pope is Benedict XVI until deceased.
At least the unbelievers believe that he is pope
Be Ye Separate
F M Shyanguya
@Fischl Indictment against those “believers” who believe he isn’t. Cf Is Pope Francis an Antipope?
That may be a good thing, because his view of religion is the plurality of religions, all directing towards God, and invoking God. Sometimes for a pope like "Who am I to judge, Not the Vicar of Christ"pope Bergoglio; to say nothing can be more supportive of the Catholic faith than to say anything which is not supportive of the catholic faith.
celia ann
September 15th Feast day of Our Lady of Sorrows
Didn't see your post earlier. I will leave mine also as many a great many will be honoring Our Lady that day.