Perverting Reality: Francis Calls "Rigidity", "Ritualism" A Perversion

Francis warned a group of seminarians from Italy’s Marche region during a June 10 audience of “closure and rigidity” - although their problem is likely the opposite vice.

“Rigidity is somewhat fashionable today" - he fancied while, in real life, the Francis Church is marked by laxness and debauchery. Jumping from one mantra to an other, Francis concluded that "rigidity" is a manifestations of "clericalism" and that it is "a perversion of the priesthood."

Evidently, he was fighting his own shadow since "clericalism" is defined as a "policy of maintaining or increasing the power of a religious hierarchy" which Francis has been doing since his election by instituting a tyranny in the Vatican.

When he finds a seminarian or a young priest who is “rigid,” Francis continued, he concludes that “something bad happens to him inside” since "behind every rigidity there is a serious problem, because rigidity lacks humanity.” The rigid Francis ideology that has taken a grip on the Vatican shows that this is true.

Francis moved on to his third mantra, "Let prayer not be ritualism” because "the rigid end up in ritualism, always; let prayer be an occasion of personal encounter with God.” This was an evident polemic against the liturgy although the liturgical decadence that Francis promotes with such statements is a sure recipe for ecclesial decline.

The 84-year-old Francis is incapable of understanding the current spiritual challenges because he is stuck in the mentality of the sixties and in a sterile Jesuit ideology that replaces piety and contemplation with servility and blind actionism.


Looks like the farce of "covid masks" is finally fading, too. Maybe someone suggested to El Francesco that requiring them all the time was "rigid".
To Francis, rigid means a good Catholic who loves the Church.
Th Pope is more of a politician then a good sheppard