Last Things | George Cardinal Pell

In 1972, I took part in a Christian panel addressing senior students at a government high school in rural Australia. Afterward, a student approached …
Narrow is the gate wide is the road to damnation. Work out you salvation in fear and trembling
St, Alphonsus Liguori said that knowledge of the existence hell can be an aid in our salvation. Given the fact that so many turn away from God and go to hell even when they are aware of it's existence - if hell didn't exist there would be almost NO ONE to love God.
Dr Bobus
The dogma is Extra Ecclesiam non est salus. There is no reference to Catholic. No one is saved except by Christ the Invisible Head of the Church. Thus, there must be Faith, even Implicit Faith.
Cardinal Pell states in this article, "I explained that the Catholic Church did not teach that he would go to hell if he refused to become a Catholic."

This statement contradicts the statement of many Pope and Saints that "Outside the Catholic Church, there is no salvation." I am shock to read that he does not know the teachings of the Catholic Church.
He might indeed know the Church's teachings and yet not fully believe them to be so.
George Cardinal Pell was no EENS name. Catholic Teaching is not a menu of options.