Anti-Church Hater Turns Herself In

After police had identified her, Madeline Ann Cramer, 26, turned herself in on January 12 after having defiled Denver Cathedral (damage: some $10,000).

Cramer will face two charges of criminal mischief and of a bias-motivated crime. On October 10, the cathedral was vandalised with hate messages (“Satan Lives Here," “Child Rapists, LOL”).

Cramer, an apostatised Catholic, is now a Satanist and a pro-abortion activist. Anti-Catholic vandalism and hate crimes happen on a biweekly basis in northern Colorado.


Louis IX
Looks like antifa terrorist.
Facts Not Lies
"Antifa' a group that enforces fascism claiming they are against it.

Add that to critical race theory which is critical of races and medical tests that identify a vaccine as the virus and a 'scientist' that is against the scientific method.

We have all the makings for earth shaking events in every situation.
pray for her conversion