Vice-Rector Of Fatima Leaves Priesthood

Father Vítor Coutinho, 55, who in January resigned as the Deputy Rector of the shrine in Fatima, Portugal, has left the priesthood.

Leiria-Fátima Cardinal António dos Santos Marto, 73, announced this in a March 19 decree (below). In June 2020, Coutinho resigned as chancellor of Leiria-Fátima diocese.

He was ordained a priest in 1991 and appointed Vice-Rector of Fatima in 2014. Coutinho holds a doctorate in "moral theology" from the ungodly Münster University, Germany. He was a rising star in the anti-Catholic Portuguese clergy.

A spokesman of the diocese said that Coutinho's decision was "of a vocational and faith nature."

Picture: Vítor Coutinho, Screenshot, Youtube, #newsZdkfsivrhm

J G Tasan
At last!

What a good riddance!
Holy Cannoli
Are we sure it is about girls?
You're far too charitable. ;-) @Holy Cannoli Don't assume a fox likes cocks when it might prefer chicks. (Multiple entendres, intentional) Some appetites are a blur.
Dr Bobus
That's earthshaking news from the diocese. I just assumed that he was leaving because he wanted to become an accountant, actor, or elephant trainer.
Some would consider accounting, acting and elephant training to be "vocations". He's probably looking to be an accountant. "Accounting" for the stupidity in the church is an impossible task.
Dr Bobus
Jungerheld We had a neighbor who was an elephant trainer, and he was an Army officer--Airborne Infantry, with Ranger tab.
"Coutinho holds a doctorate in "moral theology" from the ungodly Münster University...." --which officially makes him one of...
J G Tasan
... Addams Family???
J G Tasan
The Monsters!?
@J G Tasan Please click the photo for the answer. ;-)