From Bad to Worse: Francis Names Cupich Member of Liturgy Congregation

Francis named Chicago Cardinal Cardinal Blase Cupich June 1 as member to the Vatican’s rotten Congregation for Divine Worship. Cupich is a homosexualist …
Ave Crux
They're just executing the Modernist plan and expect us to go along for the ride. God and the Blessed Virgin will tell us what to do when a critical moment of decision comes....He is faithful, and He will.
If you wanted to further destroy the faith, this is exactly what one would do
Further cementing Bergoglio's legacy as the worst "pope" in modern history.
la verdad prevalece
In his anti-Catholic war Bergoglio uses his accomplices, no holy, honest and faithful priest to sound doctrine would support him. This sect of apostates has no fear of desecrating the House of God. Cupich: “It could be consensual gay sex”
That headline reads like a Babylon Bee satire
Zijn er nog kardinalen die door paus Franciscus zijn benoemd die niet homoseksueel zijn? Volgens mij is de organisatie van de Rooms Katholieke kerk een grote homo club. Gelukkig dat de gelovigen die het Tridentijnse, Romeinse Rooms Katholieke geloof belijden niet lid zijn van de homoseksuele Rooms Katholieke kerk maar van de Tridentijnse Katholieke kerk van de Pius X.
They can do whatever they want .the Holly Spirit ,will win in the end
With the Congregation for Divine Worship already led by Cardinal-elect Arthur Roche, Francis has assembled a number of prelates to guide the Church's worship who firmly oppose the traditional Mass.