Archbishop Viganò: God's Judgment Is Waiting for San Rafael Bishop

Archbishop Viganò has expressed his dismay about the closing of Argentina's largest seminary, in San Rafael Diocese. He calls this "an abuse."

In a July 30 open letter, Viganò accuses San Rafael Bishop Eduardo Taussig of using the praiseworthy rejection of Communion in the hand by his priests as an “excuse” for closing his seminary in order to re-educate the seminarians elsewhere.

Viganò believes that Taussig is disappointed that despite the ultra-modernist indoctrination of the last decades, there are still good priests who do not place "courtesan obedience" above the Blessed Sacrament. In reality, Taussig is another "conservative" who replaces the Faith and Christ with "obedience" and "the bishop."

Viganò warns Taussig that he may receive the applause of the Church's enemies but will not avoid God's Judgment.

Alluding to Taussig’s episcopal motto “With Paternal and Fraternal Charity,” he states that he sees "nothing paternal" in punishing priests refusing to desecrate the Eucharist.

Viganò wished that punishments such as in San Rafael would be meted out in Basel Diocese, Switzerland, where women simulate Mass, but he knows that this is considered “negligible” like the desecration of the Eucharist.


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