Neo-Cardinals Remind Viganò of Caligula’s Horse

Previously, Cardinals were chosen for their virtues, personal holiness, erudition, wisdom, and fidelity, Archbishop Viganò wrote in a June 2 statement.

But for Francis, he said, appointing cardinals is like filling civil positions. Francis’ selection criteria are “corruptibility, blackmailing, and belonging to a political group.”

Viganò explains that corrupt leaders require corrupt subordinates because their collaboration is based on complicity and lack of moral concerns when carrying out orders.

“An authority based on blackmailing surrounds itself with blackmailable people” with the goal that next conclave will not elect a pope but “a vaccine salesman or a propagandist for the New World Order.”

Viganò compares Francis’ promoting unworthy cardinals with Emperor Caligula (+41) who made his horse a senator, in defiance of the Roman Senate.


Voor het volgende conclaaf moet het schisma in de Rooms Katholieke kerk een feit zijn, een geldig conclaaf is al niet meer mogelijk.
Archbishop Vigano 🙏 🙏 🙏
Rand Miller
At least the horse was not evil.
Keep praying and focus on our Lord Jesus only He can saves from all evil
atreverse pensar
Yes, we are at that point, well said
Tony M
More pearls of wisdom and insight from the brilliant, courageous & faithful Archbishop Vigano!!!!!!!!!!!