Reward: Francis Makes Priest Who Interviewed Him a Bishop

Father Fernando Prado Ayuso, 53, a Claretian, has been appointed Bishop of San Sebastián, Spain (600,000 Catholics, 196 priests).

He has published two books on Francis: "Diez cosas que el Papa Francisco te propone en el Año de la Misericordia" and "La fuerza de la vocación" (2018), an interview with Francis.

In the interview, Francis says that homosexuality is a "very serious" issue and that the presence of homosexuals in religious life and in the clergy "worries" him.

He stressed that in consecrated and priestly life, homosexual affection "has no place".

"Therefore, the Church recommends that persons with such a deep-seated inclination should not be admitted to ministry or the consecrated life. The spiritual ministry or consecrated life is not their place."

Francis is known for saying everything and the opposite of everything.