Former Colombia Nuncio Suspected of Money Laundering

The case regards Archbishop Ettore Balestrero, 51, and the meat import company of his brother Guido. Likely because of the ongoing investigation, Balestrero was moved in July from Colombia to Congo,

According to investigators, the nuncio transferred a "donation" of 4 million Euros (4.5 million Dollars) through Switzerland to his brother in Italy. This money is suspected to consist of revenues from Argentinean meat illegally imported into Italy in the 1980s by the Balestrero company. In 2015 the company attempted to bring the cash home.

Balestrero told police that the transactions happened without his knowledge although on 4 September 2015 he signed in the office of a solicitor in Genoa a paper confirming the "donation".

According to Italian media, Curia Cardinal Mauro Piacenza knew about the deal.

Picture: Ettore Balestrero, #newsSqcbieucdp