349. Let’s go !

Jesus invites the disciples:
“Let us cross to the other side.” Mark, Chapter 4, verse 35

The Apostles are on a boat and Jesus offers them to continue rowing, not to look back. This is normal, since Jesus wants to evangelize new people who will be on the other side, people whom the Apostles probably don’t know.

He invites them to row once more to join the people. And he will invite them down from their boat to walk in the crowd. It’s as if he’s telling the Church right now, to us, to dare to go to others, to welcome them and to talk to them about values until we are comfortable talking about the faith. Let’s descend from our established security and move together, in a common project of faith, to people thirsty for God’s Love.

The security we have will be transformed into new means and they will help us to remain confident while we learn to evangelize. The experience gained will help to organize the foundation of the testimony we’ll bring to the people.

We cannot talk about faith all of a sudden to a person we don’t know, but we can listen and detect in him where he is at in faith. We can go one step further with each person we meet. A little word there, a little phrase here of peace and joy. We can help a person to improve their faith little by little.

It would be interesting, when we go to our home church and when we meet other people from our parish, to ask, “How is your faith doing?” This could involve in sharing the discoveries and learning of the faith. It would help us to get used to talking about it to each other.

Even without questioning, for people who are not in church, it would help us to dare to discover more where their faith is at, just listening to them. We can pray Jesus to join them where there is a fault, the one that prevents them from converting to Jesus. Jesus knows where the fault is. May he take care of it.

Also, we can discover in a person in church or not, that his greatest quality of faith is in his joy, the love he has for others, how he receives them. We can tell him that what he does touches us. He would discover that he has talents from God.

By recognizing and encouraging an aspect of faith in people who are far from church, we allow them to discover that they have qualities. This will bring them to be more aware.

This will replace the traditional: “I like your hair, I like your dress, or your coat and your shoes”. We can change this simple habit and talk about the values we discover. By “crossing to the other bank”, let’s let people know that we are aware of their personal values. This will create an evolution in our parish and it will spread in neighboring parishes.

Then, when we feel the storm, the fear of speaking, we can ask Jesus to lower the wind that rattles us. Jesus will be happy to say:
“Quiet! Be still!” Mark, chapter 4, verse 39

Relax, come back to what’s simple. And the wind of our bad habits will calm down. The wind of the Holy Spirit will be revealed in silence and this will allow us to reach people in a renewed way.

May the Spirit renew us in Jesus under the Father's lovingness and we’ll do a lot of good to people.

The new American Bible, 2011-2014
Book: Up! Let's go!, Normand Thomas