Sally Dorman
Eliz Fran shares this
Great landings!
Laura Yunque
Nailed it!
Jeffrey Ade
Just one small example of the destructive power of Man's hubris when it is out of his control! Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!
Jeffrey Ade
Oh and it is pretty well made!
Boeing even makes airplanes for those who can't fly. Deo Gratias!
It's amazing this Boeing 747 remained intact after those forces.
martin fischer
is this real or flight simulator?
Darice Henriques
It's simulated. Source of the video here Most Crazy Emergency Landing By Drunk Pilot | X-Plane 11
martin fischer
@Darice Henriques Oh ok It's unbelievable how good the quality of the simulators has become. I can still remember Windows Flight Simulater 95, when it looked a bit different...