Video: Blasphemers Used Dishonesty and Deceit

Santiago de Compostela Archbishop Julián Barrio, Spain, has condemned a lewd video recorded in San Mamede de Piñeiro Parish Church in Ames.

He noticed that it violates fundamental rights, specifically that of religious freedom, which includes respect for “religious feelings.”

Barrios had prohibited the use of the church in writing, but the offenders used deceit, took advantage of the good faith of the parish priest, and concealed from him their dirty intentions and the refusal they had received from the archdiocese.

The filming was done in the absence of the priest and the sacristan. The video shows obscene dances in the pews and in front of the Novus Ordo meal-table. At the end a woman is aping a consecration and simulating giving out Communion. The main offender in the video is called Berto.

In Roman Rite Churches, the altar is protected by altar rails.


Zij zullen branden in de Hel.
Jeffrey Ade
Sadly, but true! Let us all say a Hail Mary for them!
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The bishop even considers legal actions. The recordings in the Church of Piñeiro have been made despite the express and written prohibition of the Archbishopric of Santiago.
They should be taken to court
The Catholic Answers
This is so terrible. 😱
@aderito The sad and sorry part is it will be a modern, mostly leftist, secular court ruling on the case.