Cardinal Müller: You Shall Not Obey Heretical German Bishops

“We cannot and must not be obedient to a heretical and schismatic bishop,” Cardinal Gerhard Müller told CatholicNewsAgency.com (September 27).

Referring to the German Synod, he sees no need to wait for a condemnation from the Vatican, “The Synodal Path is evidently contrary to the defined dogmatic teaching of the Church in matters of faith and morals.”

For him, the synod is all about “so-called” homosexuality: “This ‘unnatural sexual intercourse’ (Rom 1:26f) was tolerated and widespread just like paedophilia in the ancient pagan culture.”

He explains that only the Church brought the Gospel and renewed the relationship of man and woman in marriage as intended by the creator “thus freeing people from enslavement to disordered appetites and inclinations (Mt 19:4-6).”

The German Synod reminds Müller of an assembly in George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” that describes the manipulations of the delegates by means of propaganda, social pressure, mainstreaming, and newspeak.

Picture: Gerhard Ludwig Müller, © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsYmmdxyfkah

Tony M
Precisely the same applies to heretical Jorge Mario Bergoglio...... more so to him because his heresies corrupt a far greater number of Catholics....and on a global scale!!
The German bishops think they are above God and can negate His laws. In reality, they are little nothings filled with pride.