Supreme Court: Why Chief Justice Roberts struck an anti-abortion law

The Supreme Court just delivered the narrowest, most temporary victory for abortion rights. Though Chief Justice John Roberts, a conservative who …
Mr. Roberts, the loss of your soul really wasn't worth being loved by the liberals
According to the article, serious abortion complications and death are extremely rare; I don't know what the statistics are, but I've certainly heard some horrifying stories about abortions gone wrong. The idea that abortion providers have to be able to transfer a woman to a hospital for an abortion gone wrong doesn't sound preposterous to me.
Gods chastisements are directly proportional with a country or personal who offends him. The more unGodly the laws and actions taken the more the chastisements will increase....Period no discussion this is just the way it is. So brace your self...
Dr Bobus
Lalanz no, Divine Chastisrments are not proportionate. God is infinite, man is not. Thus, there is no strict Justice between man and God.
F M Shyanguya
@Dr Bobus With the Advent of Christ, yes.

@Lalanz Today’s first reading. We all ought to tremble. The LORD’s day is at hand.
Dr Bobus
@F M Shyanguya

No, that does not change the difference between God and the Human nature.
F M Shyanguya
True, but God the Son in his human nature did to satisfy Divine justice and more.
Interesting take, even if I disagree.
Alex A
@Lalanz> Be interesting to know factually which country in the world is the most prone to 'Gods punishments.' Of course, you would need to define what constitutes a punishment from God. Just how subjective that would prove be.
"Of course, you would need to define what constitutes a punishment from God". -Alex A

Entirely correct. If you'll allow me to attach an additional clause.. . we must also define "country".