Cardinal Müller Warns Against German Megalomania

Francis is surrounded by "refined flatterers" and "ideologically contaminated" advisers, Cardinal Gerhard Müller told catholicnewsagency.com (19 April) - as if these people had not been chosen by Francis himself.

Francis' advisers want to rebuild the Church according to the "pleasure of men" (Gal 1:10), Müller analyses. He explains that until recently, they were "bitter enemies" of Paul VI, John Paul II and Benedict XVI, but with Francis they "made a 180-degree turn" and advocate now "a papal absolutism."

They turn Francis' private opinions on climate change, private property, mass immigration and Corona vaccination into dogmas and downgrade the real dogmas to "private opinions of pastorally insensitive guardians of the faith".

As an example, Müller cites the panegyrics that bishops sang about late Hans Küng: "The fact that he denied the divinity of Jesus Christ lets them cold."

Müller explains that a "resurgent German megalomania" inspires some German bishops, theologians and lay functionaries - by their own admission - with the consciousness of a "spiritual and moral superiority".

The secularised German bishops wish to place the autonomy of their "national church", their "synodal way" and their lust-centred sexual morality at the top of the Church, Müller explains. They consider themselves the "locomotive" pulling other retarded local churches like train cars behind the German claim to leadership.

For Müller, buzzwords used by the Germans such as "reality of life" are sounding coins of an uncovered currency.

He says about his time as a member of the German Bishops' Conference, "that it was mostly about political-financial questions, including bullying of unwanted confreres, but rarely about questions of faith."

Picture: Gerhard Ludwig Müller, © Mazur, CC BY-NC-ND, #newsRrtxkdewps

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