Francis must be so happy that the one world religion is that much closer
Liam Ronan
Something's definitely much closer, mccallansteve, but whether Francis will be happy with that something is unlikely.
When it falls they will all go away ,not with different languages but different genders!
P. O'B
In just about every way except officially (and maybe even that, for all I know) the Church now teaches that all religions are just swell. And then the Church wonders why the former faithful have left her, why vocations are lagging, why "Catholic" politicians don't pay any attention to her..
This is the New Babilon
Berlin Archbishop Koch is a member of the Foundation's Board of Trustees.
The top looks like a bell tower. They could match the ugliness of the building with ugliness of sound, striking a bell, gong, and blowing some kind of horn all at once.
At least Catholics aren't involved, just non-Christians and heretics.
Berlin Archdiocese approved the project, but does not pay for it.