Mass Ban In St Peter's Is “Persecution Of Individual Mass Celebration”

The anti-Mass-decree enacted in St Peter's is a "very sad" measure and "not correct" according to Church law and the true spirit of Church law, Bishop Athanasius Schneider said in a March 14 question and answer video of the Confraternity of Our Lady of Fatima.

He explained that every priest has the right to celebrate individually, and none can be forced to concelebrate. But this is “undermined” by the new law of the basilica. Schneider's conclusion, “The Holy See is giving a bad example that others will imitate.”

Schneider sees an "implicit persecution" ot the individual Mass celebration. The ban of the Traditional Latin Mass from the basilica and its relegation into the crypt is for him a “clandestine situation" and reminds him of the catacombs.


Wow... I had no idea that the altars in St Peter's are the only one's in Rome... Of course, this change in the St Peter's in now way infringes on a priests ability to celebrate the Mass.
Hilary White: "There is no "virtual liturgy," no "virtual pilgrimages". All the churchpeople chirpily using that language to cover up the shutting down of the Church are lying to you, and doing it in a really obvious way. Stop. Lying."
Imagine a worldly proposition, for every Holy Mass the Vatican bank received 1M Euro. Concelebration only ever equals one Mass.
atreverse pensar
It is the expression of the persecution of the mass.