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Cardinal Marx Consecrates Brutalist Altar in Baroque Church

Cardinal Marx consecrated a meal table in the brutalist style for Munich's St. Lorenz Church (October 25).

The church was built between 1677-1680. The meal table is a cuboidal coarse block, horizontally interspersed with two cracks, striking symbols of the decaying Council Church.

The restoration of the church began in 2013 and cost €4 million. €245,000 were spent on the so-called liturgical interior, essentially altar and lectern.

As they turn their backs literally to the Faith of our Catholic Forefathers.
At least the designer had a sense of humor by designing it with a series of cracks from end to end.
I wonder if they all sat down to dinner at the table afterwards
These days, the masks (of the wolves) have come off even as the masks of the sheep are mandated.
There is an altar a few steps up. Now they just have to get rid of this broken, cracked one.