Pope Francis is my hero. Make this man a saint now!

By Mesfin Fekadu Elton John called Pope Francis “my hero” for his compassion and push to accept gays in the Catholic church at his annual AIDS benefit …
On Guard
If the likes of Elton John call Pope Francis his "Hero", Can you believe what those in the Elton John AIDS Foundation would believe as the pope pushed boundaries??? Don't you think the Pedophile Priests are enough to embarrass the Church and bankrupt the coffers of the Church???????
Sodomites deciding who should be made a saint. (If it wasn't so absurd, it'd be funny)
Prof. Leonard Wessell
Why, oh why, is Gloria.tv trying to torture me? The information is not really surprising. Indeed, quote amsing, worthy of "I told you so". But the situation, it brings me into deep temptation to make a joke of it, one not too favorable to the Pope. I will resist, though I hope the two men never embrace eachother because ..... (blep, blep).