Abuse Hoax: The Bishop Defends At Least HIMSELF

Brooklyn Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio called a February 22 abuse lawsuit filed against him “defamatory.”

"I did not abuse the accuser or anyone else in my 50-year ministry as a priest," DiMarzio said according to "False claims do real damage to victims of sexual abuse."

DiMarzio’s detractor is Samier Tadros, 47. He claims that DiMarzio “abused” him from 1978 to 1980 in Holy Rosary Church in Jersey City where Tadros allegedly received private religious instruction from DiMarzio.

However, DiMarzio was only a resident in this parish without being active in religious education. Tadros never attend the parish or the parish school and was not a Catholic.

"Anyone with a minimal understanding of parish life knows that it stretches the imagination to think a priest would be providing private catechism lessons to a non-Catholic 6- or 7-year-old on a one-to-one basis," DiMarzio explained.

The detractor wants $20 million from the Church.


I'm sure some pre-VC II parishioners who sat through his lame sermons back in the 70s would undoubtedly disagree.