Cardinal Zen: “I Am With Viganò”

“I never contacted Viganò but in my heart I have always been on his side,” Hongkong Cardinal Joseph Zen told (October 2).

Zen realised after Viganò's 2018 Abuse Decleration that Viganò “was providing facts” which, he says, the Vatican should have answered.

Zen used to have the highest respect for Curia Cardinal Marc Ouellet, a Ratzinger minion, but he felt a “complete disappointment” when Ouellet blamed Viganò without addressing the facts - because Ouellet wanted to play up to Francis.

In 2020, Viganò asked Zen if he would join the appeal against the coronavirus hype. Zen first declined but Viganò convinced him arguing that even Cardinal Sarah had signed - although Sarah later revoked his signature.

Viganò promised Zen not to publish the appeal in Chinese, because according to Zen the situation concerning the coronavirus, quarantine rules and forced masks was different in China.

Zen ist still defending Vatican II even though it is the root-problem of the present mess, “The Council, like the Tridentine Council, is wonderful—all the mistakes implemented afterwards is not because of this Council.”


The Conciliarist tag team duo on gloriatv message boards must be grinding their teeth.
Then we are with you courageous Cardinal Zen DG +AB Vigano we stand with you "PETITION"
F M Shyanguya
You and others perhaps. Abp Viganò? Let reality reveal. Cf Trump Tests Positive for the Coronavirus

His own appeal [cf Appeal - VERITAS LIBERABIT VOS] is at odds with his hope in his “savior” Trump.
F M Shyanguya
POTUS Trump is 180 degree opposite to Che Amazon.
F M Shyanguya
“Vatican II even though it is the root-problem of the present mess.”

Negative writer of!